Libico Maraja Association

The Associazione Libico Maraja was founded on November 16th 1992, 9 years after the death of the artist.The main goal of the association has been to acquire an adequate space for the correct archiving of the artistic heritage of Maraja, so that it would be possible to organize expositions and travelling exhibitions with the intent of making the artist’s art as known as possible. Itsheadquarter, within the museum network of Como, hosts a consistent part of Libico Maraja’s original works. It is easily recognizable within those pieces of art the deep eclecticism of the artist, together with his enthusiasm and not least, the interest Maraja shown in seeking of artistic creation. The association takes care of revealing this extraordinary fragment of art both in Italy and worldwide. Within this purpose, many cultural events are organized as well, so that the name of Maraja could constantly remain a living spark for inspiration, ready to incite new followers.

The association is willing to share the artistic heritage of Libico Maraja with every public authority, corporation, publisher, school or private citizen that will require for it. Shown below are the contacts to schedule a meeting:

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